"To see what few have seen, you must go where few have gone."

-The Buddha

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Wheels Of Light An Introduction to the Chakra System with Guided Meditations

Todd Jay Leonard’s life journey has taken him to the far reaches of the world.  An ordained Spiritualist minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and university professor, Reverend Leonard has actively sought out spiritual knowledge from the time he was a child.  The importance he now places upon self-awakening and self-healing has its roots in the energy-based therapy of Reiki.  This CD is the culmination of many years of study, research and teaching about Chakras and energy.  He divides his time between his home in Japan where he lives, teaches, and writes, and the historic Bangs Sisters’ home at Camp Chesterfield, the spiritual home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists (IAOS).

This CD includes an informative lecture on chakras, followed by a guided aura clearing exercise and a chakra meditation that serves to clear and balance the entire chakra system.

$14.99 + tax, Available at: Tree of Life Books and Gift Store

50 Lincoln Drive Chesterfield, IN 46017

Phone: (765) 378-0236

E-Mai: treeoflife@campchesterfield.net

Total Time 69:09

Language: English

  1. 1)Introductory Lecture on the Chakra System [27:16]

  2. 2)A Guided Aura Clearing Exercise [11:35]

  3. 3)A Guided Chakra Meditation [30:17]

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