"To see what few have seen, you must go where few have gone."

-The Buddha

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Reiki Healing / 霊気


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Reiki Practitioner Study:
An Academic Paper Published in March 2007 in the Proceedings for the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion (ASSR)Reiki_Self_-_Treatment_Hand_Positions_files/A%20Study%20of%20Reiki%20Practitioners.doc
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Reiki Self-Treatment Hand Positions / 霊気

Making an intention for a healing:  “I offer myself love and healing through the Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki.”

Position # 1

Place the hands over the face with the fingers at the top of the forehead and the hands touching.  Often, due to the stresses of modern life, the eyes will soak up a lot of Reiki.  Hold this position until you feel intuitively the time to stop.

Position # 2

Place the hands on top of the head with the fingers touching, but not overlapping.  The palms should be close to the top of the ears.

Position # 3

Place the hands on the side of the head over the ears. 

Position # 4

Place the hands on the back of the head with the base of the palms cupping the base of the skull.

Position # 5

Place one hand over the throat and the other hand over the heart..

Position # 6

Place both hands over the shoulders, close to the neck.

Position # 7/ Position # 8

Place both hands (with the fingers touching) over the upper stomach just below the lowest rib.  In the same position, move the hands down to cover the middle stomach area for Position # 8.

Position # 9

Place the hands on the lower stomach with the base of the hands near or on the hip bones, with the finger tips covering the pubic bone.

Position # 10/ Position # 11

Place the hands on the middle back with the fingers touching; next place the hands on the lower back with the finger tips over the sacrum.

Position # 12

With both hands, hold each foot separately, concentrating on the heel of the foot.

Position # 13

With one hand on each foot, hold the feet in a way that is comfortable.